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Technology Services

Our technology services include development, automation and support. We use the latest technology platforms that allow for rapid solution development at a fraction of the traditional cost, significantly cutting down on cost and development time, ensuring affordability for all clients to innovate with us, which was previously not possible with traditional development methods. Automation helps improve productivity and reduce workload for employees to focus on core business activities, creating more opportunities. Once implemented it allows for effortless support, updates and maintenance with minimal downtime.

These technology solutions have a number of advantages for our clients, helping them to prosper.


Software, E-Commerce/Online Shops, Websites, Mobile Apps, Web Applications, Databases, Voice & Messaging Bots, Excel to Applications, COVID-19 Applications


Workflows, Applications, Social Media and Communications.


Technical (Remote), Technical (Onsite), Web Server, Any Device & Operating Systems

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Our pricing is based on per project basis, tailored to each client's unique requirements. We tailor quotes for clients to ensure a better pricing structure for their specific projects. A number of factors can influence the pricing, like the priority, timeline, guarantees, maintenance, preference, value, resources and complexity.

International Payments - Secure payments can be made via the international SWIFT standard with a local bank.