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Create services and solutions to solve technology and talent challenges for businesses and individuals making a positive impact for them to prosper.


Inspire businesses and talent to prosper.


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Technology and Talent Solutions.

Pitzer International is a consultancy providing technology & talent solutions and services. We have 20 years experience helping large corporates, small businesses and individuals with technology and talent solutions. Within our technology services we provide development, automation and support services. Within our talent services we provide talent hire and career search services.

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Why Choose to Work with Us

01. We want you to prosper

We want you to prosper and achieve your goals with our services and solutions, while building a long term relationship.

06. Rapid solution delivery

We use the latest technologies and tools to rapidly deploy and deliver solutions to you.

05. 100% Guarantees provided

All our services and solutions have a 100% guarantee ensuring you are satisfied with our service.

02. Quality solutions

We provide you with professional quality solutions, with our 20 years experience working with large enterprise to individuals.

03. Custom solutions

We provide you with custom solutions specific to your business and requirements with friendly service.

04. Tailored pricing

Our pricing is tailored for your business flexible to help you with solution that is suitable for your requirements.