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Pitzer International is an executive search & specialist recruitment consulting firm at executive, senior and middle levels of permanent & contract employment, appointing professional individuals and teams of professionals.


Partnering with professional client firms and become their trusted recruitment advisor in the Information Technology, Finance and Engineering market sectors, delivering qualified specialists to their firms ensuring a matching partnership between our clients and candidates through executing an interactive process that consistently delivers employees who impact, in a positive fashion, the performance capacity of their organisations. 

Market Sectors 

Information Technology | Finance | Engineering


Creating a sustainable competitive advantage specialising in markets where we demonstrate years of experience and knowledge with the quality and accuracy to fill a vacancy with a faster response time, reliability and consistent professional service and guarantees to our clients ensuring our clients receive long lasting value on the long term success of the placement, by integrating specific systems into our analysis, search, placement and follow up processes to preserve our clients investment.  


Guarantee of 100% for 3 months on all candidates, with a free replacement. 48 Hours turnaround time to receive CV’s, ensuring faster response time to fill a vacancy. Commission fee on candidate’s annual package or contract rate or project cost.Transparent fee structure, no upfront fees charged.18 years successful experience in the recruitment industry.100,000+ quality candidate in-house CV’s database growing daily.  


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Email: office@pitzerinternational.com

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